How can I make sure the new home I plan to purchase does not flood?

While there are no guarantees depending on the nature of the storm event, there are several indicators that can be checked to provide some reasonable assurances that your home will not be subject to routine flooding. First, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publishes flood control maps that depict the 100 year flood zone and for many areas provide the elevation of the 100 year flood. This elevation can be compared to the Finished Floor Elevation (FFE) of your new home.

Second, the FFE of your home should be one-foot or higher than the elevation of the adjacent road. Roads are generally built at a sufficient elevation to not "over-top" during normal rain events. Therefore if your home is higher than the road it is less likely to be subject to flooding. If your home is not higher than the road, there should be some means for conveying the stormwater runoff around your home to a lower area.

Finally, you may also get in touch with the County Stormwater Engineer who works in the Public Works Department and is aware of those areas that have previously been identified as flooding problem areas. Engineering's main phone number is 850-248-8301, an after-hours emergency number is 850-784-4000.

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