Why does water stand in my yard following a rainstorm?

Standing water can be caused by a number of factors. First and probably foremost the yard should be graded such that there are no depressions and the water is directed toward an outfall. That outfall may be the roadside drainage system of swales, ditches and pipes or backyard drainage swales or ditches that eventually lead to an outfall. Frequently the flow of backyard drainage systems is blocked by privacy fences or other yard improvements. While roadside drainage systems are generally located on county property (road right-of-ways) which is maintained by the County, backyard drainage systems are not generally dedicated to the County and maintenance is the responsibility of individual property owners or a homeowners association.

Given the relatively flat terrain of Bay County and the frequently found high water tables, stormwater can be expected to stand for several days prior to it’s being absorbed into the ground. This is especially true during the rainy season when the ground is already highly saturated and the storage capacity provided by wetlands is already full.   

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