Voluntary Home Buyout Program


Bay County Board of County Commissioners has been awarded $4,411,777.00  to participate in the Voluntary Horne Buyout (VHB) CDBG-DR program. These funds will be used to principally benefit low-and-moderate income persons. Funds will be used to acquire properties that are in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), and in high-risk flood, areas to help reduce the impact of future disasters, and to assist property owners relocating outside the threat of flooding.

Necessary assistance will be provided in the form of buyout and demolition of existing housing units. Housing units deemed eligible for the program will be acquired and demolished in compliance with the local building code and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's standards outlined in the Federal Register Notices.

Awards to eligible homeowners will be based on the overall level of damage in the proposed buyout area, as determined by condemnation, flood levels and/or status as beyond reasonable repair for each property, and the extent to which the proposed buyout program supports overall flood mitigation plans for the area and community.  

Project Timeline:

Buyout of Homes: May 2023
Closing of Homes: June 2023
Demolition of all Homes: TBD

Procurement Link: TBD