Wastewater Utility Mitigation

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The purpose of this Scope of Work is to provide protective measures to the Cedar Grove Subdistrict wastewater collection system, in Panama City, Bay County, Florida, funded through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) DR-4399-111-R, as approved by the Florida Division of Emergency Management (Division) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


As a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program project, the Sub-Recipient proposes to improve the wastewater collection system at the BC-29 Basin Area in the Cedar Grove Subdistrict, located in Panama City, Florida, 32405. Coordinates (30.176714, -85.627544). 

The scope is for Phase I only, which includes but is not limited to surveying, engineering, design, plans preparation, permitting, and bidding for the proposed project, for Phase II approval. No construction activities for this project have been approved. 

When completed, the Sub-Recipient shall provide deliverables for Phase II review of the following proposed activities. 

The Phase II proposal to improve the existing wastewater collection system infrastructure includes the construction of an adjunct sewage lift station and force main to reduce the flow demand of existing lift station BC-29 and to increase the capacity of the system. The new lift station shall be located at the Southeast corner of Spring Avenue Park and shall include a wet well, valve box, and meter vault, two (2) electric submersible pumps and motors, associated piping and fitting, control panel, and electrical connections. The lift station shall also be equipped with a permanent diesel-powered bypass pump with a capacity of 400 – 500 GPM or the adequate size determined by the vendor and/or an engineer during the bid process to appropriately support this critical utility. The installation shall include a platform to raise the bypass pump and electrical equipment. The diesel-powered bypass pump shall maintain the lift station operational during power outages associated with high wind events. 

Flows shall be conveyed to the lift station by removing and replacing two (2) existing manholes to accommodate new outlets outflowing into the adjunct lift station. One of these manholes shall maintain an outlet pipe to the existing BC-29 lift station to use as an overflow outlet if this new lift station is overloaded. Approximately 240 LF of 6” PVC gravity sewer shall be installed, including approximately 40 LF subaqueous stream crossing. One (1) existing sanitary manhole and approximately 250 LF of existing sanitary gravity sewer pipe, obviated by this modification, shall be abandoned in place, and filled with flowable fill. Additional activities include vegetative removal along the proposed route of one segment of gravity sewer, installation and removal of temporary erosion and sediment controls as required, and site restoration. 

The lift station shall convey flows to the servicing wastewater treatment plant through a new sewage force main that shall consist of approximately 2,641 LF of 6” PVC force main pipe, including two (2) directional bores to cross roadways and connection of the proposed force main to the existing force main located at the intersection of East 17th Street and North East Avenue. The proposed project shall protect the existing wastewater collection system at the Cedar Grove Subdistrict against flood and wind impacts and prevent sewer backups into residential and commercial properties.  

The Grant is also funded in part through Community Development Block Grant Funds Project M0147 through the Department of Florida Commerce and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Project Timeline

Phase I – Design                                           100% Complete
Phase I Deliverables to FDEM                     April 2023
Waiting on Approval to FEMA                     TBD

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