GIS Master Plan

In junction with the County’s overall Strategic Plan, the GIS Division has developed an enterprise GIS Master Plan. GIS is a collaborative platform that supports the collection, sharing, and exchange of location-based information.  As such, GIS underpins much of the collective organizational effort devoted towards the strategic priorities identified in the Bay County Strategic Plan, including ensuring a safe county, delivering effective services, management and stewardship of natural resources, informing the public, and supporting economic development.

The Strategic Plan recognized the need for the development of a GIS Master Plan (GIS Task 2.1.1).  This Master Plan fulfills that directive. Multiple data-gathering techniques and assessment methodologies were used to identify Bay County current successes and future needs.  Key methodologies included:

•   Six Pillars of Sustainability – used to evaluate Bay County in regards to gaps and organize action items.
•   Voice of the Customer (Online Questionnaire
•   GIS Benchmarking
•   Kickoff Meeting
•   Key Performance Indicators
•   Departmental Interviews

The Master Plan (Exhibit 1) will serve as a guide to ensure that the GIS needs of the county are met and sustained

GIS Master Plan download