Yellow Fly

Yellow Flies are most active April through June but can be found through November. The Yellow Fly female is a fierce bitter and the males feed on nectar and pollen. The bites from the females are painful, itchy and can swell. Yellow Flies are most active during the day time hours and are abundant in shaded forest habitats. Mosquito Repellents are moderately effective as a means of a deterrent. The best means of control at this time is the Yellow Fly Trap.

Yellow Fly Trap
Yellow Fly Trap with Flies

Yellow Fly Trap Supplies

20 inch beach ball, 1 can black spray paint, Tanglefoot Adhesive Glue

Construction of the Yellow Fly Trap
Blow up the beach ball. Next wash the beach ball to remove the packing powder, let dry. Attach a piece of string (about 24 inches long to the top of the beach ball. Paint the beach ball with the black spray paint and let it dry. Apply the Tanglefoot glue to the beach ball ( do this where the ball is going to hang) and hang about 4 foot from the ground, in a shaded area near wood for best results. Note: Buy the spray can of Tanglefoot if available for easier application.