Public Participation

We Need You - Volunteer on a Board

The Bay County Board of County Commissioners is truly a citizen form of government. Many boards comprised of your fellow Bay Countians advise the Commission on such diverse issues as the Deer Point Reservoir to health care issues. In order for this system of government to work, we need your input.

We have a listing of the volunteer boards that advise the County Commission. If you believe you have the expertise, time and desire to influence county government, contact the County Manager’s office at 248-8140 to inquire into vacancies on the committee of your interest.

Affordable Housing Advisory Committee: Develops and implements an affordable housing program established by the Board. Provides advice and input to the Board on the specific parameters of the State Housings Initiatives Partnership (SH.I.P.)

Airport Authority: Authorized to exercise all powers required for the enlargement, improvements, maintenance, equipment, operation and regulation of the Airport.

Bay County Public Library Advisory Committee: Established to support and enhance the Bay County Public Library System and advise the Bay County Board of County Commissioners about issues affecting the libraries.

Community Based Care Community Alliance: The Community Alliance is replacing the District II Health and Human Services Board created in 1992. The new bill provides for the establishment of Community Alliances made up of stakeholders, community leaders and funders of human services for each service area, to provide a focal point for community participation and governance of community based services.

Code Enforcement Board: Hears and rules on alleged violations of all codes and ordinances in force in the County.

Bay County Construction Board: To assure the licensing of journeymen and contractors is done fairly and impartially to any one regardless of sex, race, creed, or color. Tasked with setting up one set of rules and guidelines for the examination procedures for the Proctor Block and Associates Contractors examination. Also includes issuing disciplinary action to contractors licensed by the County.

Deer Point Reservoir Advisory Committee: Maintain safe, effective environmentally sound practices for Deer Point Reservoir (e.g. flood control, aquatic weed control, dam and drawdown safety, resource conservation, and monitoring sources of pollution within the watershed.

Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board: To offer a variety of services including occupation skills, training, remediation, up-grading, youth competency training, employability and on the job training. The program is administered through Gulf Coast Community College.

Housing Finance Authority: To carry out the powers enumerated in Chapter 159, Part IV, Florida Statutes. The Housing Finance Authority to function to alleviate a shortage of housing and capital for investment in housing within Bay County.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board: Provide a sounding board for new ideas, assist in solving problems, act as liaison when called upon to other governmental bodies, assist in documenting and prioritizing the real needs of the community regarding recreational issues.

Transportation Planning Organization Citizens Advisory Committee: Advise MPO on transportation related issues. Also responsible for adoption of Transportation Improvement Program.

Mexico Beach Community Development Council: To oversee beach maintenance projects, finance beach park facilities or beach improvements, maintenance, re-nourishment, restoration and erosion control of the beaches, tourist promotion projects within the boundaries of the Mexico Beach Tax Revenue District.

Northwest Florida Big Bend Health Council: Assist State in planning for health care facilities and services, provide health data repository, and assist counties and local communities to obtain better health care.

Planning Commission: Guides and accomplish a coordinated and harmonious development of the County which will, in accordance with existing and future needs, best promote public health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare as well as efficiency and economy in the process of development. Also reviews development orders.

Private Industry Council: To provide jobs and classroom training to individuals who have been dislocated, or are on public assistance and cannot secure work.

Tourist Development Council: Recommend County uses of Tourist Development tax revenue, make recommendations to the County for operation of special projects related to tourist development and review County compliance with those recommendations.