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Majette ParkSolid Waste

The Solid Waste Division operates an integrated solid waste management system which is comprised of the Bay County Waste to Energy (WTE) facility; the Steelfield Road Landfill; Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste and the Small Quantity Generator environmental programs; The Division is also responsible for the long-term care and environmental monitoring of Majette Park, which is a closed landfill.

The Division operates as an “Enterprise Fund’ and is funded by revenues garnered from disposal tipping fees, the sale of electrical energy produced by the operation of the Bay County Waste-to-Energy facility and by the sale of scrap metals and other recyclables.

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We hope this website will help inform and educate the citizens of Bay County, Florida.  If you have any questions regarding solid waste management, contact either by phone at 850-236-2212 or email us.