Post-Disaster Re-Entry

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Services do not issue re-entry credientials.  Bay County's re-entry plan requires that citizens and businesses carry proper identification including drivers licenses and employer ID if applicable.  Read the entire Re-entry Plan (PDF).

Phase 1 - Initial Re-Entry of Emergency Responders

Responders must be credentialed by employing agency.

  • Fire Service Units
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mass Care Providers
  • Medical Personnel
  • Mobile Command Posts
  • Public Works Teams
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • State Emergency Response Teams
  • Utility Companies

Phase 2 - Limited Re-Entry

Access is expanded to allow businesses with a defined recovery mission to return to portions of the disaster area where major life safety hazards have been eliminated, but essential services, such as electricity, fuel, and water may be limited or unavailable.  Essential employees will need an employer identification or be in an agency marked vehicle in order to gain re-entry.  Businesses with a defined recovery mission:

  • Banking Institutions, fuel distributors, and food distributors
  • Commercial Vehicles delivering essential items
  • Construction Contractors
  • Debris Removal Contractors
  • Insurance Agents/Adjusters
  • Utility Repair Contractors
  • Volunteer Groups assisting Disaster Victims

Phase 3 - General Return

Re-opening most or all of the disaster area to local residents, businesses, and contractors. Major life safety threats have been eliminated, but many hazards remain and some vital services, such as electricity, water, and fuel may be limited or unavailable.