Trust Accounts

Contractors now have the option to set up trust accounts to be used for payment of permits. A minimum deposit of $500 is required. Trust accounts may be used for "over-the-counter" permitting, permits by fax, contractor licensing fees, and re-inspection fees. The trust account application (PDF) may be downloaded and mailed with the deposit to the Builders Services Division.

Permits by Fax

Contractors who have set up trust accounts have the option to pull permits by faxing a permit request to Builders Services and having the permit fee deducted from their trust accounts. Permits that are available to be pulled by fax at this time are reroofing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, gas and residential security permits. When using the permits by fax service, inspections may also be requested. A request for fax permit may be downloaded and faxed to Builders Services Division, 850-248-8384.