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Permit Tracking

Access permit records for Bay County online.

Permit Requirements

PermitWhat Triggers A Certain Permit
Building (B)Any construction, remodeling, renovation, addition, moving or demolition of a building or structure. Dock and Seawall - any new construction and any structural change or repair.
Electrical (E)Any installation, addition or major repair.
Fire (FS)Required for certificate of occupancy (new construction) and as required or requested for day cares, restaurants, etc. Alarm - any new installation, and panel changes, and any additions to existing systems.
Gas (G)Any installation, addition or major repair.
Alternate Energy Systems(AES, AEE, AEP, AEM)Any installation or repair of solar, wind or other alternate energy system and supporting structures, wiring or piping.
Land Clearing (L)Ensure that proper erosion control measures are taken when land is cleared so as to avoid sediment runoff onto adjacent properties and to reduce sedimentation of drainage systems and water bodies; avoid the destruction of protected trees; and ensure that required buffers are maintained.
Mechanical (M)Any installation, addition or major repair.
Mobile Home Set-Up (MH)Any new set-up and any change-out.
Plumbing (P)Any installation, addition or major repair.
Pollutant Storage System (PS)Any removal or installation of a pollutant storage tank, to include foundation for above ground tank.
Roofing (R)Any replacement or repair of more than 100 square feet for a residential project. Any commercial installation or major repair.
Sign (S)Any new construction and any structural change or repair.
Swimming Pool (SP)Any new construction and any structural change or repair.
Vinyl Siding (VS)Any installation of vinyl siding (requires the contractor to hold a Specialty License).
Change of Occupancy/Use (OC)Any change of use of a structure.

Panama City Permits

For permitting within the city limits of Panama City, prior approval from the Panama City Planning and Zoning Department is required. The forms required by the City of Panama City are located in our forms page. After approval by the City, you can then submit the standard forms required by Bay County.

For additional information on Panama City's requirements, please visit to the City's website or contact the City's Planning and Zoning Department at 850-872-3025.