Lost & Found Pets

Sometimes pets get lost. The best insurance you can have is a Registered Microchip for your pet. If you and your pet are ever separated, a Registered Microchip is the best way for people to contact you if they find your pet.

Lost Pets

If you should lose your pet, follow these steps:

  • Talk to your neighbors to see if they have seen your pet.
  • Call the nearest veterinarian office to see if your pet has been taken there.
  • Call and/or visit all of the shelters in Bay County. Be sure to fill out a Lost Report with each agency you contact. Visit our shelters/rescue organizations page for locations and contact information.
  • Verify your Microchip Registration has your correct contact information. If you know your pets Microchip number, be sure to include that information with each lost report you file.
  • Sometimes it may take a day or two for your pet to be found and appear at one of the shelters. Don't give up! Each shelter has different guidelines for the length of time they will hold an animal. It is very important that you check all possibilities daily.

Found Animals

If you find an animal, follow these steps:

  • Talk to your neighbors to see if they have lost a pet or know where the animal lives.
  • Call the shelters in Bay County and ask if they have received any lost reports for the animal. Leave your contact information in case they are contacted by the owner.
  • Take the animal to a location that can scan the animal for a microchip. If the animal has a microchip, the owners information can be given to you.